Dream Home Dating Service To Finding Your Online Valentine

Dated: 02/11/2016

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Our real estate market is hot right now and there is a lot of love in the air with fantastic prices and low interest rates.  The internet has drastically changed the way people meet their new home and divorce their old one.  With so many home search sites, more people are able to find most the information that they need from the comfort of their own couch.  They can look at neighborhood crime maps, street view maps, know when and how much a home sold for and much, much more.  Buyers can visit hundreds of homes virtually and sellers can size up their competition all with the click of a button.  It is important to find a good site to keep you up to date on current market activity so that you fall in love with the right home for you.

While finding a home can be awkward and terrifying, it can also be confusing if you do not have great communication.  This can be a challenge for those who have commitment issues but necessary to take your home search to the next level.  Interest in your new home usually starts with innocent emails to an agent and progresses into a phone call.  Next thing you know, you are meeting in person and discovering that just because it is listed as a 4 bedroom and 2 bath, that doesn’t mean it’s true! 

Home search sites can save you a lot of time and are much more convenient than hitting the neighborhoods looking for “For Sale” signs.  As you get further along in the process, a good real estate agent will help you look and even screen potential matches to make sure that you will be compatible together.  While you gaze upon the beautiful pictures and embellished descriptions, your agent will be able to track down some of the ugly side to a property.  Connecting with a home on a deeper level will help take some of the emotions out of the process so that you can make an educated decision about your future together.

One attraction to using a reliable search site is the accuracy of the status of active homes.  There is nothing worse than finding your dream home and learning that you are two weeks or two months too late.  It is often hard to find another that compares to the one that got away.  Your agent can keep the focus on available homes and save you a lot of heartache.

Another great benefit to finding the right search site is that it should be FREE!  There is no reason to sign up with a credit card to pay for secret knowledge that is actually public information.  If a home is available for you to make an offer, your agent will have all the access you need and a good agent will be able to tell you a little bit more about those that aren’t on the market.

While the internet is fast and easy, it is not always accurate and does not replace the need for a professional representative. Sure, you can answer the few basic questions such as price, location, and size but what do you do after you’re done looking around and are ready to settle down?  You make a proposal and seal your commitment in front of God and a notary! 

Buying a home can seem like an overwhelming endeavor and can be a very complex process.  The goal of your home search site to help with higher quality matches and fewer failed dates.  Finding true love is finding the right matchmaker to help make your move.  Happy House Hunting! ~ Jennifer Shupe, RE/MAX Infinity Group

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