Ready To Buy

Dated: 02/05/2016

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Ready to Buy?

3 things to consider as you begin to shop

Ready to buy your first home?  Well maybe you are closer than you think.  Although many first time homebuyers begin the process with shopping (because let’s face it that’s the fun part), there are a few steps first that will prepare you to buy.  

  1. Talk to a Realtor.  Begin a relationship with someone who will advocate for you.  They are your coach, your resource and your guide through one of your biggest life decisions.

  2. Talk to a lender. Even if your credit needs some work or you are a few months away from pulling the trigger, talking with a lender begins a conversation about the targets you will need to meet, the money you will need to have in savings and the loan that will be the best fit for you.  

  3. Time your move.  Are you renting?  When is your lease up?  It may take a few times out with your Realtor to find your next home.  It also may take 30 or more days to close.  Discuss this with your Realtor to help find the right timing for writing the offer and setting the close date.

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